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About us

Satek’s main activities involve Naval Automation and Instrumentation, as well as other fields linked with this sector. Long experience and expertise in this sector also include planning and construction, equipment installation and Start-up and Maintenance, as well as repairs to equipment installed on ships. Recently the company signed collaboration agreements with various technical and consulting firms in order to propose and coordinate a wider range of activities in Technical Ship Management. Often ship-owners have difficulty in identifying the best type of market resource management required for their ever-increasingly specialised equipment which tends to integrate a wide range of different expertise at the same time – such as electro-mechanical equipment together with electronic control and surveillance devices. Given their long years of expertise and experience gained in these fields, the founders of SATEK srl are able to offer a wide range of services based on their practical background, and at very competitive prices, which will be of great interest to shipping companies.
Years of hands-on experience and expertise in this sector are the guarantee of reliability at realistic prices for all shipping management requirements.


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